February 2008, sketch done a month or two ago during an insomniac period. 9.5 x 12.

I did this when I was around 23. Raevyn Wallace has it.

I did this during reading week before spring finals, 2006.

Yes, I know it kind of looks like vulva and no, that wasn't intentional. This was originally going to be a whole lot of red shades and done a bit differently, but then I found out that my napthol red dark was the unfortunate victim of my teenage stupidity in throwing out the little plastic/styrofoam bits in the caps of some of my paint jars, which seemed inconsequential at the time but now has proven to be disastrous as the jars I did that to are dried out.

This is acrylic with some stuff drawn on it in pen, which didn't photograph so well.

I did everything but the blue in 2000, and couldn't figure out the background for ages. I was originally thinking a different shade of black, but when I tested out ink I didn't like it.

This is probably the only representational thing I've ever tried to paint with acrylic.

You won't believe it, but I had to be told that the squiggles looked like sperm. It's true.

My dad's getting this one.

I think it goes this way up, but I don't remember.

I did this one while I was living with Justin in LA. The fish is all the same color paint, just with different amounts of water.

Done my second year of college, while my mother was sick.

Never turn things vertical to dry.

This is one of the ones I like enough that I won't sell it.

I was living in Texas and listening to Soul Coughing when I did this one. This is also my dad's.

Crayon, watercolor and acrylic.

Done while living on campus in summer of 97. Mixing red and purple didn't work as well as I'd have liked.

This was going to be cooler when I planned it.

I end up feeling like a buffer zone between people sometimes.

I like this one.

I don't remember which way up this goes at all. Holly Rushing bought it.

Oddly, this turned out a lot bigger than I meant it to, but still okay.

This way up. I started this a little after I finished my second criminal trial and couldn't finish it at the time. I picked it up again in late 2004 and finished it. I sold this to Holly Rushing, too.

Also done the year my mother was dying. No recollection of much else.

Anyone who has one of my paintings, it'd be cool if you'd send me a photo of it.